Fun Facts on Honey Badgers
























Honey badgers are amazing creatures of the wild. If you are interested in nature and in the many kinds of creatures that live in the wild, here are a few interesting facts about honey badgers that you might love to know.


1. Honey badgers are carnivorous. This might seem surprising because their name might suggest that they like to eat honey. However, the honey Badger seldom eat honey. What they do is attack bee hives in order to find a certain kind of bee that they like to eat. Because of this, they have been called honey badgers.


Honey badgers also eat a wide variety of other animals. They eat lizards and toads. They eat different kinds of insects, including beetles. What is surprising is that they also eat animals which are known to be hunters themselves. Honey badgers are small in size, but they attack and kill animals like small pythons and small alligators. They even prey on poisonous snakes like black adders and cobras. At times, they can take down an antelope or a fox. Their food really does have a wide range.


2. Honey badgers are very good fighters. They never back down when it comes to a fight. They are tireless and seem to have endless energy. When a larger animal attacks a honey badger, they do not run off but fight back. They have a wonderful way of defending themselves. If a larger animal stumbles upon their burrow, they will attack and fight to the death, especially if they have young. They are ferocious and fearless in all aspects of their lives.


3. Honey badgers can burrow immense tunnels with their tireless energy. A honey badger burrows when it goes hunting. When it does this, it builds tunnels. These tunnels can have as many as 50 entrances and be over 40 kilometers in length. All this can be accomplished in 24 hours. They truly are tireless and hardworking creatures.


4. Honey badgers work alone. They are not like other animals who work in groups. Honey badgers work alone or in pairs. In the winter, they hunt during the day. In the summer, however, they hunt at night. In areas where people reside, honey badgers hunt at night in all seasons.


Honey badgers are certainly wonderful creatures. Because of their amazing skills and ferocious, fearless nature, they have been featured on many Honey Badger video.